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I have always loved to write. Sometimes it feels like I strolled out of my mother's womb possessing the skills to write. Growing up, I spent every spare time I had scribbling. Not anything serious, just for the fun of reading my thoughts after I'd crawled under my bed sheet and laughing to myself.

But you know, you get new perspectives to life the older you grow. You hear a lot of things. Some say, "once you do what you love, you're safe." Some others say passion dissolves to frustration if what you love cannot put food on your table.

The later opinion began to take its toll on me when my writing could not help me gain any form of recognition or put money in my pocket.

Then I decided to try freelancing. I needed the entire world to become my platform. I thought that would be a better way to start earning from my passion.

For the first three months, I went from one freelancing platform to another creating profiles, polishing them over and over and applying/bidding for jobs. I won none.

One night after three months, I got an email from one of the platforms I signed up with. Someone had hired me. He/she wanted me to write a 1,000 word article on environmental pollution. I was so excited. I jumped off the bed and powered up my computer.

Before long, I was typing away on my keyboard, smiling to myself. I had such a good time digging up information about environmental pollution, piecing them together and pouring them on the pages of my Word document.

I finished at 1,244 words and exhaled. Then I went over it, reading it aloud to myself as I made minor corrections.

"Perfect!" I thought and decided to deliver.

I waited to get a confirmation so I could earn my first income online. I slept off while waiting.

The next morning there was a mail waiting for me from the buyer, not a confirmation. My heart beat faster as I read the first few lines. The buyer was disappointed at my output. He complained that I had not followed his instruction and looking at his brief again, I truly had not followed his instruction. For that reason he initiated a cancellation.

My incessant plea with him to allow me another chance to do a better job fell on deaf ears. He cancelled and gave me a poor rating.

That became a wound that would not heal. I was broken, terribly scarred. I stopped checking my emails or visiting any of the platforms. I hardly talked to friends. I completely lost all confidence in writing. I simply stayed in bed all day, hoping that the clock would tick faster.

I almost gave up on life, but life did not give up on me.

Three weeks into my solitude, I got an invite to apply for another writing job on Freelancer. Very reluctantly, I did, hoping that they don't consider me for it. But the employer wanted a few writers and he chose me as one.

I snapped out of my self-pity and decided to give myself another chance. This time, I read the employer's brief more than twice before ever writing my first word. I completed his work, read over it and sent it over, bracing for the worst.

Time ticked. Then to my surprise and indescribable satisfaction, he liked my work and for weeks to come, he gave me two jobs each week. My lost confidence gradually returned with a brighter smile. I easily applied to jobs and kept faith that something good would come. It did some of the times.

Not only was I getting jobs from Freelancer, my gigs over at Fiverr began to sell too. I paid plenty attention to the description of what each buyer wanted and when it was not clear, I asked that they explained better before I ever started.

Offers trickled in weekly, even though some days went by without any. But it was okay, the days I got orders made up for the days I didn't. Soon I became a level one seller on Fiverr and then level two. On Freelancer, I kept earning experience points and climbing up the reward levels, which increased my chances of landing jobs and earning higher.

Life became really busy. Sometimes I almost didn't remember to take a bath and sometimes I didn't stand from my chair until it was the morning of the next day. But it was absolutely okay.

It's a good life as far as I'm concerned. I make my own future. I source for my customers and I make sure I give them the best.

I do not answer to any boss. I can decide to go offline and take a vacation. I can resume work at any time and close at any time. I have money to take care of things now. I smile more and talk more. Freelancing, is the very best life.

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