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Beginner graphic designer earns on Fiverr

graphic designer earns on fiverr

The kind of success Aishwarya recorded with her freelancing account on Fiverr may not be easily replicable, as a matter of fact, it is not easily believable, but it goes a long way to disprove many points and make a strong one.

A lot of people scour the internet day after day, looking for that glimpse of light that will represent a source of passive income for them. They forage from one blog/website to another and constantly run into contradictory theories about making money online by the so called experts.

Sometimes they pay huge sums of money just to learn the newest secret to making it big online. Holding on to their new found secret, and to hope, they wade into unfamiliar paths. Six months down the line they're still trying to make their first dollar.

Before they quit, they quickly run to their tutor and whine, "The course is not working ..." To which the bloated tutor responds with a smirk, "Oh, that course doesn't work in isolation, you really need to get my second course and apply the principles from both courses together."

They're back to square one and in no time, they're running after yet another formula that they think works.

This may even be your story.

You may have tried everything possible. You may even own an account on every freelancing site available without success.

You may be close to the point of throwing everything all away and turning your back on the possibility of ever earning money remotely.

how to earn on Fiverr

Does freelancing as a means of earning income remotely really work?

How can that work when everyone who wants to hire a freelancer online is looking for a freelancer who has had 7 solid years of experience? Does a beginner buy seven years of experience from the market or what?

If you still think freelancing does not work, then you may need to consider the story of Aishwarya and how she made a success with her freelancing.

Like it is for every other person, things were equally hard for Aish and her siblings. Eating had become a problem for her and her family, not to talk of prompt payment of their rent. She tried everywhere to get a job to do besides her schooling, but every job she got offered her peanuts and frustrated her the more.

So she decided to sell her skills. She had had a training on graphics design and had mastered such software as Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.

She started telling anyone who cared to listen that she could make designs for them for a fee. She got a few orders from relatives who ordered not because they needed what they ordered but because they wanted her to stop bothering them.

Orders were not frequent for Aishwarya, only one or two each week; they didn't pay much either. She heard about Fiverr in school and the thought of exchanging her skills for US dollars fascinated her. So she decided to give it a try.

She signed up and for the first two days, she was looking through threads on the forum to help her learn the ropes. The tips she found on the forum about creating her first gig, making her first sale, handling requests, etc were invaluable to her.

The third day she created her first gig. She couldn't afford a video for as yet so she decided she'd add one when she began to make sales. Instead of waiting for her gig to slowly find it's way to the first page of her gig category before she had the chance of making her first sale, she started applying to buyer requests.

Before the end of that day, she got an order. She was too excited; she was visibly shaken. But she managed to control herself after a while and did her best to produce something good. She delivered just in time, before the clock ran out. The buyer was pleased and gave her a positive review.

The thought of four dollars online, without having to see his client thrilled her. She could hardly sleep that night. She must have checked her phone more than 500 times to see if another order came in.

The second day, there was no order; the third, the same, despite the avalanche of buyer requests she replied to. She became a little worried but when she landed on the forum and discovered that that sometimes happened to even the best of sellers, she relaxed and worked more on sharpening her skills.

One week after, she got 3 orders in a day and 2 the following day. By now she had gained confidence. She communicated better with her clients to learn their needs. Her clients were satisfied with her output. Some of them promised to order her gig again.

By the end of that month, Aish had made $156 and was promoted to level one seller. She had learnt how to use the ‘extras' to improve her earnings. Her happiness knew no bounds.

She bought courses online and continued sharpening her skills at times when orders were not overwhelming.

By the time she was sharing her story, she had worked on Fiverr for 54 days and had earned $824 and also had 9 orders in queue.

So you see, making money remotely as a freelancer is not impossible. But there are tricks to every platform and most times, older freelancers on each platform do not hesitate to give you these tricks. You simply need to listen to them, learn, practice, sharpen your skills, be patient and then grow.

If you open Fiverr account using this link it gives you a free Gig (purchase a service for free on their site).

Image Credits: freepik