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Freelance work for Indian students

My name is Karan. I come from a very humble family. My father is a water bearer and my mother sells handmade beads and trinkets in front of the house. On typical days, we struggle to eat, but because my father does not want me to end up like him, he sent me to school. He sometimes borrows from his friends to pay my fees.

freelance work for studentsI'm a student of the 5th course in India, studying Computer Engineering. I'm really scared for my family. They look up to me to finish University and get a good job to help them, but my grades are very bad. I don't think I'll get any good job.

I've always loved movies, not just movies, but special effects in movies. I've tried learning to make such effects using Adobe Premier, but I have no computer. I begged my roommate to allow me use his computer. He accepted and let me install Adobe Premier. And so my experiments and practice started.

After a few months of experiments, I could produce certain special effects effortlessly. When some of my school mates learnt of my skills, they asked me to help create simple effects from videos they recorded with their phones. Most of them were super pleased with the outcome.

I was searching for tutorials on YouTube one evening when I stumbled on a video that taught people how to make money remotely from freelancing. I wasn't really moved by the video, but I decided to give it a try.

I created an account at oDesk and waited to get orders. Nothing. I polished my profile and waited. Nothing. For four months I added fake work experience and skills, hoping that an order would come. Nothing.
I was almost going to delete my account and return to my poor grades when suddenly I was invited for an interview on one of my bids.

Passing the interview was a difficult one, because my English is not good. I can read and write, but speaking is something else. So I told the client that my Internet connection was not fine due to weather conditions. I provided him with as many screenshots as possible of the effects I planned to apply. He almost declined, but when I told him I'd do it for free, he hired me. I had my reasons.

freelance college students He wanted me to add mortal combat kind of effects to a video. I was to mimic mortal combat fights.

Now, Mortal Combat is a game I love to play a lot and knew some of those effects. I confirmed to the client that I could do the job and that I'd even do it for free so he let me do it.

Time passed and I failed to meet the first timeline. My client showed a little disappointment, but I promised him I would do the next job for free too. I had a second chance to finish up and deliver my work.
My roommates helped me with ideas and I was able to finish and deliver before deadline. The video simply rocked. It was a blast, thanks to my roommates. My client was pleased and gave me a positive review, which helped me get orders from other clients. I also got other jobs from the first client. Some of them were followed a positive feedback, some not.

I now feel very confident to work on any project. I bid for top jobs and get some. Some clients currently contact me directly without using oDesk.

I'm earning so much from my online work now that I don't even think of a job after university any more. After two months alone, I bought own laptop and internet.

Onetime my dad called me and asked where I got all the money from. I tried to explain, but Papa could not understand. I swore to him I was not breaking the law before he calmed down.

I'm glad and do not worry so much about getting a job now.

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